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Be Careful From Fake News & Websites All Website On KBC Name Are Fake,Please Don't Share Your Debit Card Information To Any Person, if You Have Already Given Information Of Your Debit Card Then Immediately Block Your Debit Card and Call Your Card Issuer Bank To Ask Them "Block Your Debit Card Immediately" For KBC Prize & Lottery Information Please Contact With Us On this WhatsApp Number 00918092937377 OR Visit ( www.jiokbclotteryofficial.in )
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KBC Official Website | KBC India

     Welcome to KBC Official Website. Check KBC Lottery Online here and cash your Lottery instantly. KBC Official Online Lottery  Portal Provides you a completely secure environment to Check your  Lottery Online within few minutes and cash your lottery within a short time.



WELCOME! to the KBC Official Lottery Check Portal launched by KBC Sony. It is a secure and safe platform for KBC Lottery winners to check their lottery officially. The each result of this Portal is fully authentic because it is obtained from our KBC Lottery winners database. So check your KBC Lottery Online and cash your lottery within no time.

KBC Official India Lottery

Check Your KBC Lottery Online Here

How to check KBC Lottery Online?

                 If you have a lottery number and have a registered Mobile Number then you can check your Lottery Infromation from the KBC Online Lottery Check Portal. To check KBC Lottery prize information Online please follow the instructions given by KBC so that you remain safe from any kind of fraud To check KBC Lottery Online kindly follow the instructions given below:

                   Respected Customer!

  1. For the confirmation of KBC Lottery following information are essential. i.e. Registered Mobile Number and Unique Lottery Number.
  2. Visit the Check KBC Lottery Online Portal on KBC Official Website(www.jiokbclotteryofficial.in)
  3. Scroll down to KBC Online Lottery Check portal.
  4. Enter your Lottery winning Phone Number in the “Enter Phone Number” field with country code 91 i.e 91xxxxxxxxxxx.
  5. Enter your Unique Lottery Number in the “Enter Lottery Number” field i.e xxxx.
  6. Now click on the button “Check Now” to check your Lottery.
  7. Now wait until the page is loaded completely.
  8. After this scroll down and until you reach at KBC Lottery Online check.
  9. Here you will get complete details about KBC Lottery from the KBC Lottery Winner Database.
  10. Don’t use the other websites to check your KBC Lottery because a lot of websites or blogs are working on the name of KBC which are doing fraud on the name of KBC.
  11. After getting confirmation message now its a time to cach your lottery from KBC.
  12. To cach your KBC  Lottery amount make a WhatsApp Call to KBC Lottery Manager or KBC Lottery Retailer without wasting any time.
  13. Kindly follow the company rules to cash your KBC Lottery Amount.
  14. Call the KBC Lottery Manager at WhatsApp Number      00917209117536 or Click the Button to Call the KBC Lottery Manager  Now!

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Be Aware Of KBC Online Lottery Fraud Calls / KBC Fraud Whatsapp Calls

           As everyone knows that KBC is the India’s top rated Lottery Wining Game Show. KBC has  high popularity not only in India but also in some other countries. KBC is on its peak because KBC Provides a new way of life to the people living a poor life. Due to this high ranking and popularity of KBC among the people some so called Pakistani are doing fraud on the name of KBC India. They are making the people fool and doing scamming on the name of KBC.

            So be aware of All KBC Lottery Fraud Calls from Pakistani numbers like +92xxxxxxxxxxx or any number starting with 0092 or +92. KBC is giving full awareness about these scammers. Some time these people use some international numbers too. So kindly follow the following guidelines to save yourself from any kind of scamming.

  • Only Visit the KBC Official Website India for the authentic updates and news about KBC Lottery.
  • Don’t attend any call from Pakistani numbers staring from +92 or 0092.
  • Please don’t share your sensitive information i.e. credit cards, Bank Account Details , Adhaar Card and other sensitive information.
  • Never deposit any amount in their accounts.
  • If your receive any Fake Call related to KBC Lottery Kindly call urgently to KBC Complaint Officer and Submit your complaint against Fake Number.
  • Some fake website or Blogs are also working on the name of KBC India.
  • To Call KBC Complaint Officer make WhatsApp Call at


To call directly Just click the Button Below!

How to Cash your KBC Lottery Online Amount From KBC Online?

              KBC India is now providing a complete online lottery cash system. KBC has established a new portal for the Online KBC Lottery Transfer instantly. Now any KBC Lottery Winner can cash his/her lottery Online from the KBC Official Lottery Portal or KBC Official Website.

              After confirmation of lottery now its time to cash your lottery and to find the reward.To cash your KBC Lottery please follow the following instructions so that you can get your lottery amount in a secure way.

  • If your lottery is confirm then make a Whatsapp Call to KBC Lottery Manager or KBC Helpline open your lottery file.
  • Provide the neceassary informations to KBC Officer to complete your lottery file ie Photo, Complete Name, Address , Aadhaar Card etc.
  • Now wait for some time so that officer could complete your lottery procedure.
  • Pay the Lottery Tax applied by the Govt. of India accaording to Indian financial act and tax revenue rules.
  • Submit your tax and get a tax payement confimation message.
  • Contact to KBC Officer through Whatsapp and ask to transfer your lottery  amount.
  • Please don’t break your line until you receive youl lottery amount in your bank account.

Kindly Don't Share any Sensitive infromation to any Caller from Pakistani Numbers. For more detail Call to KBC Officer 00917209117536

Important Announcement For New Winners of KBC Lottery India

           Dear Lovers of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) ab KBC ni ik New Lottery information Center Establish kia Hai. Jis main Ap Apni Lottery Online Check Kar Saktay Hain and KBC ke Name Pay Jo kbc lottery winner 2020 Fake Calls Aa Rahi Hain Un say Protect Reh Saktay Hain. Agr aapko Online Lottery Check Karni Nahi Aati
To Ap KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Lottery Information Center main Call Kar Ke Apna Registered Lottery Number Ly Saktay Hain or khud apni Lottery Online Check Kar Saktay Hain.

Fake KBC Lottery Online Calls/ Fake Online Lottery Websites

             If u receive any fake call about KBC lottery winner then firstly confirm that’s true are not because Today you are receiving a lot of fake calls about KBC lottery winners. Dear Customer if you receive any call from an Unknown Number and receive a lottery number/lucky number then firstly confirm our main head office Numbers if you late then it’s harmful to you and your family. Thanks.

Instructions For KBC Lottery Winners.

  • Dear customer, you can collect any type of information about your sim card.
  • Don’t tell to anyone about your prize due to security reasons you want only call us for information about lottery cash.
  • Dear customer if you do a public city about your prize then the company doesn’t help you with the lottery prize because when you do public city about your prize then anyone can buy a duplicate sim or he/she can harm full to you or your family.
  • Our duty is to inform you of your duty to act at it.
  • I think you do act at our warning and do everything in life.
  • Congratulate you & your complete family.
  • Be happy and do complete your dreams.

Have No Lottery Number Don't Worry

Please Call Us On KBC Head Office Number 00917209117536

KBC Lottery Final NOC (Updated)

KBC Luck Winner 2021

From Gujrat, India
KBC Official winner 2020
Anand Swan
From Haryana ,India
KBC Official lucky winner
Raju Kumar
From Amratsar ,India
lucky winner kbc
Rimsha Rani
From Jharkhand,India
kbc winner 2020
Pawan Rao
From Mumbai,India
kbc india lottery winners 25 lakh
Parveen Shokat
From Headerabad,India
KBC Official Lottery winner 35 lakh 2020
Shetal Rajpoot
From Amratsar ,India
kbc lucky winners 2020 december
Arwin Saksena
From Lakhnou,India

Play Along Jio KBC Lottery 2020

            Great news for all KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) viewers! Now you don’t have to register to participate. KBC is connected to all SIM card companies in India.Your SIM card can also be included in the KBC Lucky Draw 2019 and you can be the lucky winner for this season. Stay connected with KBC(KBC Helpline) and be careful from the fake lottery calls and SMS.      

Get In Touch With KBC India Official Lottery Officers

KBC Lottery Official Helpline Number Line 1 00917209117536

KBC Lottery Official Helpline Number Line 2 00918092937377