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Be Careful From Fake News & Websites All Website On KBC Name Are Fake,Please Don't Share Your Debit Card Information To Any Person, if You Have Already Given Information Of Your Debit Card Then Immediately Block Your Debit Card and Call Your Card Issuer Bank To Ask Them "Block Your Debit Card Immediately" For KBC Prize & Lottery Information Please Contact With Us On this WhatsApp Number 00918092937377 OR Visit ( www.jiokbclotteryofficial.in )
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                    Welcome to the only KBC Official Website. KBC Official Website India is an online portal to provide the secure and safe service of KBC Lottery to the all Jio KBC Lottery Winners or Jio KBC Lucky Winners. KBC has no other Website or Blog. So all websites or blogs working on the name of KBC Or Jio KBC Or Jio KBC Lottery 2022 are fake.so be Aware of All Fake Websites and Blogs. KBC was started at July 3rd, 2000 and India legendary actor, producer, host, and former politician Amitabh Bachchan hosted it.

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                Kaun Banega Crorepati is a well-rated game show in India. It has a huge following not only in India but also in some bordering countries. KBC is an entertaining scheme of Sony TV, entertained by Mr. Amitab Bachan. Kaun Banega Crorepati has great love and respect in India. It is providing a new turn to live a rich and peaceful life. It is an open platform for the people of all communities.

                  Jio KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery 2022 is a open lottery for all indians. Every indian of age 18 years having sound mind and health can take part in KBC. KBC is providing equal chances and platform to rich as well poor to fight against luck.

                Kaun Banega crorepati (KBC India) is an Indian Reality Gameshow aired by Sony TV. Its first season was begun in 2001 and its show was aired on the Indian Star plus initially. KBC is one of India’s most-watched reality game shows, based on the British game show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. Anyone having the age of 12 or above is eligible to participate in the KBC Game Show.
The structure of the game show is based on the quiz in which the host asks questions related to current affairs, International and national history. Gradually if the participant moves on to the next stage, fortunately, the amount of prize grows. There are three lifelines that can be used by participants if they get doubtful about any answer.

KBC India Official website

KBC Lottery Official Website

                 For the wellbeing of our adored and regarded clients, KBC has dispatched a KBC Official Website (www.kbcofficialsite.com) .It is an authority KBC Lottery site to check your KBC lottery on the web, KBC Lottery victors list , KBC Official helpline numbers and KBC Official whatapp Lottery champs list .KBC has giving you a totally secure approach to play along KBC advertisement win.

                 Because of high positioning of KBC individuals of Pakistan are for the most part doing extortion on the name of KBC. They are utilizing the name of KBC to make the blameless individuals fool. KBC Official Lottery site is a finished stage to get any data identified with KBC Game show or KBC Lottery. KBC has no other blog or site other than www.kbcofficialsite.com KBC is additionally takin vital activities against such alleged individuals.







   Dear Visitor!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Please follow the instructions to check and confirm your KBC lottery online.

  • To check please make sure you have correct lottery winning phone number and correct lottery number.
  • Enter the Lottery Winning Phone Number in “Enter Your Phone Number ” field in the format 911234567891.
  • Enter your Lottery Number in “Enter Your Lottery Number” field in  the format 8991.
  • Then press “Check Now ” button to confirm your lottery.
  • Please wait a few second till the page loads again and it will bring you at top of page.
  • After page load scroll down to “KBC Online Lottery Check” place.
  • Here you will get all your lottery infromations which are available in KBC Official website Database. 

How to get your KBC lottery Online Officially?

                 After confirmation of  KBC lottery from KBC Official Website Online Lottery Check System now its time to cash your lottery from and to find the reward.

                Want to cash your lottery? then you are advised to follow the given instructions for the secure transfer of your lottery amount from KBC to your bank account otherwise in case of any lose KBC will not be responsible.

  • If your lottery is confirm then make a Whatsapp Call to KBC Lottery Manager or KBC Helpline open your lottery file.
  • Provide the neceassary informations to KBC Officer to complete your lottery file ie Photo, Complete Name, Address , Aadhaar Card etc.
  • Now wait for some time so that officer could complete your lottery procedure.
  • Pay the Lottery Tax applied by the Govt. of India accaording to Indian financial act and tax revenue rules.
  • Submit your tax and get a tax payement confimation message.
  • Contact to KBC Officer through KBC Whatsapp Numbers and ask to transfer your lottery  amount.
  • Please don’t break your line until you receive youl lottery amount in your bank account. 
  • Kindly visit and follow the instructions available only on the Jio KBC Official Website (www.jiokbclotteryofficial.in )
  • For any kind of help please call at the KBC Official Contact Numbers only available on the KBC official website so that you can cash your lottery in a secure and safe way.
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KBC Lottery Winners 2022 Official


KBc Official Lottery winner 2021

Shivani Vipul Kumar Dave

Phone Number: Secure
Lottery Number: Secure
Lottery Amount: 55,00,000

KBC Official Lottery winner 35 lakh 2020

Nimra Rani

Phone Number: 59******12
Lottery Number: 8993
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

kbc lottery winner

Mr. Nachhattar Singh Atwal

Lottery Amount: 1,55,00,000

Hansh Raaj

Phone Number: 67******84
Lottery Number: 8004
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Aditiya Rajpal

Phone Number: 90******56
Lottery Number: 8934
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Kartik Bopal

Phone Number: 97******33
Lottery Number: 8034
Lottery Amount: 35,00,000


Phone Number: 89******74
Lottery Number: 8798
Lottery Amount: 35,00,000

Nakul Rajppot

Phone Number: 00******45
Lottery Number: 8001
Lottery Amount: 35,00,000

Preeti Riya

Phone Number: 89******09
Lottery Number: 8999
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Khalid Khan

Phone Number: 49******77
Lottery Number: 8991
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

kbc winner 2020

Abraham Rajpoot

Phone Number: 69******56
Lottery Number: 8771
Lottery Amount: 25,00,000

Kishan Kumar

Phone Number: 19******26
Lottery Number: 8005
Lottery Amount: 35,00,000


Kaun Banega Crorepati Official Website

             After the high popularity of KBC Game Show the KBC team has launched KBC official Website and KBC Official Android/ IOS apps. The only purpose of launching KBC official website and app is to give access to KBC from your home. Official website of KBC and app will help to server KBC Lovers remotely.
The Kaun Banega Crorepati official website will provide the following information to KBC lovers:

  1. KBC Lottery Winners list
  2. KBC Registration
  3. KBC Contest Schedul
  4. KBC Jio Contest Results
  5. Online Lottery check and confirmation
  6. KBC Head Office Numbers
  7. KBC Live Helpline for the convenience of KBC visitors.

             KBC website will keep its visitor up to date from any KBC news. It will give you a complete guide for new KBC participants. It will help them to play in a perfect way and win the huge prize from KBC Game Show.
For the secure and safe relation with KBC please visit KBC official website occasionaly and follow the all instructions available on KBC Official website.

Play along KBC from Home— Stay home! Stay safe……..

JIO KBC Official lucky draw 2022 | KBC Official Winners 2022

                There are many reports about the KBC fraud and its victims. Here we are describing many countless hurdles which Jio lucky draw winners are receiving. Real winners are unknown to KBC rules and information because they are not following the instructions given by the KBC Official website. Most of the people visit the fake KBC Official Websites and then waste their money just for nothing.

            Due to confusion of definite direction, the victims of many KBC fraud and cruel persons. Many people from Pakistan are snatching money from the innocent people of India. Most fraud cases are reported by people having no knowledge about the KBC lottery and its rules and regulations.
So it is very important for them to know about the KBC game show and its regularities. They should know the basic structure of the Kaun Banega crorepati.
First of all, we are showing directions to KBC Lottery winners about the registration for the KBC Show and confirmation of their KBC lottery. To do so, please move forward according to the directions available on the KBC Official Website or Call us only at KBC Head Office Numbers officially launched by KBC.

              Scammers are using KBC name and logo to get money from innocent people on the name of KBC Lottery. These people send  Jio WhatsApp lottery papers or KBC Lottery Cards through WhatsApp or messenger. These papers contains their fake lottery information and the amount of lottery . Scammers have edited these lottery papers  by using the information stolen from KBC official website. Official website of KBC provides 100% authentic updates about KBC Lottery and KBC Lottery Winners List 2020.So only confirm your lottery from KBC Official Website (www.jiokbclotteryofficial.in

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List – Jio KBC Official 25 Lakh Lottery 2022

Dear Lovers of Jio Lottery!

              This is very easy to participate in Jio Lucky Draw and you don’t need any registration for this. Now KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Jio Lottery is connected to all sim cards and your mobile number will be included in Jio lucky winner 2020 by following some easy steps. 

           Do you want to add your name in Jio KBC lottery 2022? It is very easy with us now because you are on the right place here just call us KBC WhatsApp Number  available at KBC Official website and get complete details of Jio KBC lottery.

Sony TV Presentations

KBC Lottery Contest Eligibility | KBC India Official Website

                   On the off chance that you have an Indian contact number, you can be associated with KBC fortunate draw 2022. We are additionally organizing KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) season 10 fortunate attract which you can win the prize of 25 lakhs. Innumerable phony individuals are settling on fake decisions and will drive that you won the honor from KBC, they will constrain you to send money, kindly don’t be leave on at that point and affirm from KBC head office number. Adored guests of KBC fortunate draw 2022 these days it is really easy to be a piece of KBC fortunate draw coming up short on any enrollment. These days, it is easy to call at KBC Head Office number, and you don’t important to go any place on the web.

Imo Contact Number : 00917567602353

Whatsapp Contacts : 0015818055153 | 00917518894172 | 00918092937372

KBC Lottery Winner Official List 2021

                 We make accessible KBC lottery victors 2022 all the fanatics of the live demonstration of Bachchan KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati). Mr. Arjun win 25 lakh Indian rupees Miss Bhanu win 25 lakh Indian rupees Mr. Vivan win 25 lakh Indian rupees Miss. Chhaya win 25 lakh Indian rupees MR Krishna win 25 Lakh Indian rupees Mr. Sanjeev Kumar win 25 lakh Indian rupees Mr. Sukhdev R sukhdev win 25 lakh Indian rupees Mr. Ajay Chauhan win 35 lakh Indian rupees Mrs. Vijay Yadav win 25 lakh Indian rupees Miss. Neha Agarwal win 25 lakh Indian rupees KBC Lottery Winner List 2022

Want to Participate in KBC Lottery Winner Game?

                      These days numerous individuals are asking how they can join KBC lottery victor game show for the Next Season. The enlistment cycle is simple and direct. Re-energize your JIO Sim Card, make your entrances adequate through the Sony Mobile Application, Maximum passages would build your odds for choice. On the off chance that you feel any trouble at any progression, don’t befuddle, contact official staff at KBC head office number. Official group is accessible to manage you through the telephone line and WhatsApp. Reach us at 00917209117536 for Live Call and Contact on 00917209117536 for Whatsapp Chat.

Regsitration on KBC Official Website

              KBC Online Registration, Audition 2022: Candidate can check the point by point data about KBC 2022 Online Registration KBC full structure is Kaun Banega Crorepati. This is perhaps the best show all over India which was motivated by a standout amongst other game shows in the UK. The principle motivation behind this show is to be a Millionaire by taking part. KBC is perhaps the most pleasant shows all over India.

               There is a generally excellent chance for the everyday person and crowd to meet our extraordinary host Bollywood incredible whiz and legend Man, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, over the Sony Television. In India, Siddharth Basu is one of the precise developments of the KBC show.

                 In this show essentially, has make a test show comprising of take part having significant information and data in different fields. The measure of winning prize cash is 7 crores.

                 The tryout part will begin After the KBC Registration part. This test is typically held in the metro urban communities anybody can take an interest in this show.

KBC Head Office Number Official Website

              Kbc head office number 2022 00918092937377 lottery head office numbers to Call their Associates to get the lottery. some are seeking a lottery ticket to purchase from your KBC head office. The scammer requires money. The quantity of award retains on 2 Million Indian rupees. So, if you receive any fraud connect with about KBC Lottery winner, get in touch with us at our head office figures.

KBC Head Office Mumbai Official Number

                Never fork out to any person at the title of KBC. They never request money to award you a dollars prize. You have only to pay a tax volume towards the Indian Govt right after acquiring your income prize from KBC.

                 Star Television take on Shahrukh Khan to present the third season. Should you keep on browsing the site, you agree to using cookies on this website. The level of award retains on 2 Million Indian rupees. Our apps from time to time send out you to third-social gathering Internet websites, like any time you obtain ‘More services’ using our Cell app.

                  The final word goal of any KBC customer should be to become a winner. For some Section of the last 20 years, We’ve got run into winners from all backgrounds, and every with their own diverse experiences.

KBC Official Lottery Structure

                  This can be the KBC head office genuine range 00917209117536. It is possible to simply call this range at whichever position you’ll need. This can be the location in which you get the proper information. Below you are able to discover info a couple of Blessed attract. You will discover facts about JIO Blessed Attract here.

                 Like a beloved shopper to become, KBC has manufactured obtainable for you being an Indian a chance to url and attain cash or award which will transform your lifecycle, and with any luck ,, you shouldn’t pass up out. On profitable, you get your prime awards or dollars from KBC over a connect with or textual content-up from KBC line-up.

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